Sponsoring activities

For years, we have supported several local charities. And we are proud of that. Not only do we support the Texel youth (in the pupils' tournament, for example), but also the Texel gliding club and more.


Texel Gliding club

The gliding club Texel was founded in 1965 by a bunch of enthusiastic people who wanted to glide. Together, purses were drawn and gliders and a winch were bought. Over time, enthusiasm and the fleet grew.  Would you like to go on a trip with the Texel Gliding Club and see the beautiful island from the air? Then you can take advantage of a fantastic offer through Texelvakanties: exclusively for guests €75.

Roparun Texel

Roparun is a relay race from Hamburg and Paris to Rotterdam (about 530 km). Through team-based sporting performance, they raise money for charity. Roparun Texel has been established since 2011. The Texel team annually puts its heart and soul into making cancer patients and their loved ones' lives more enjoyable and bearable.

Texel Culinair

Texel Culinair is the culinary festival on Texel. Every year in the second weekend of September, chefs from around 25 Texel eateries gather in the centre of De Koog to present their dishes. Mostly dishes made from local products. Tasting on sien Tessels, in other words. Will we see you there?

Texelse Pupillentoernooi

De Koog may be mainly known as the tourist heart of Texel, but the club is now also well on the map outside the country's borders when it comes to football. This is mainly thanks to the annual international F-pupils tournament. Represented with clubs such as PSV, Ajax, Feyenoord, RC Genk and Schalke 04. And the advantage of playing football on Texel: you can add a holiday day or week to it.

Texelse Haringparty

The traditional festive Texel Haringparty is an enjoyable afternoon every year when we celebrate the beautiful life on Texel. It is also mainly about raising money to support island initiatives. Such as the Texel Veterans.

Lions Club - Texel TeamKwis

Team quiz Texel consists of a large number of questions to be answered in teams during one evening on 10 February 2024.
The teams may choose their own location and tools for this, as long as they answer the questions as well as possible and on time, because at the end of the evening all answers will be handed back to the organisation! The teams that answered the questions best will receive a nice sum of money during the big results evening on 2 March, which they may spend on a charity of their choice...

Historische vereniging Texel

The magazine of the Historische Vereniging Texel (HVT) is published four times a year. The Historische Vereniging Texel (HVT) is an association with over 1,000 members.


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